domingo, 31 de maio de 2009

Quantum thoughts

Lee Friedlander
In a recent post at Boing-Boing, science fiction writer Rudy Rucker mentions a paper (Holistic Physics, or, An Introduction to Quantum Tantra) by the "offbeat physicist" Nick Herbert:
Nick argues that our conscious minds display some of the same features as quantum mechanics. When we're not thinking about anything in particular, our thoughts evolve in a continuous, multi-universe kind of way---but when we focus on something, we carry out something like the quantum collapse that characterizes the process of measurement.

A curious foot note. Nick Herbert seemed amused and little apprehensive that his
"private Quantum Tantra research" was "outed" in "the most popular blog in cyberspace":
Will this unsought publicity mean that I will have to move even deeper into the woods to avoid the mass of thrill seekers (...) I don't think so. Tomorrow at Boing-Boing this blinding spotlight of fame will thankfully be directed in some other direction and I will once more be freed to pursue my underground research into the nature of deep reality without oversight, without supervision, and in any crazy direction I damned well please.

segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2009


"Dark Knight"- Frank Miller
In the areas with which we are concerned, insight only occurs as a lightning bolt. The text is the thunder-peal rolling long behind.
Walter Benjamin